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5 Tips for Selling an Inherited House in Wichita

Family members or close friends commonly enact a will leaving their property holdings to their next of kin or people who meant a lot to them. Inheriting a home is quite common, yet the property is often unwanted. Leaving a recipient holding what is often an unaffordable property, due to upkeep, property taxes, and any … Continued

How to Sell Your Home in Wichita in 3 Steps

Here we will go over the 3 easy steps of selling your home in Wichita. Most people’s first thought is to reach out to a realtor and go the traditional route. But putting your home on the marketplace is more of a hassle than you might realize. You have to keep your house clean and … Continued

Should You Sell or Refinance in Wichita?

Many people are strongly attached to their homes and despite changes in their life find it problematic to make the decision to sell. Having built equity in the home over a long period of time, one consideration is refinancing to resolve the issues that brought up the subject in the first place. We will discuss … Continued