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Selling Your Home in Wichita if You Have Children or Pets

Trying to sell your house in Wichita if you have children or pets can be a huge undertaking. Here, we cover strategies to help you simplify the process of selling with children or pets and not lose any money in the process.

Deep Clean

The last thing you want is for a potential buyer to walk into your home and wonder how much it’s going to cost them to get the smell of dog or cat odor out of the carpets. Bad smells can drastically effect the offer price or even drive away buyers completely. You also don’t people to walk into the overwhelming smell of air sanitizer; this can come across as though you are trying to hide something. We also suggest picking up any toys, whether they’re for your toddler or your pets, and storing them somewhere out of sight. Having a thoroughly clean home is imperative to making a sale in Wichita. While the inside may be the most important part of what can attract or deter buyers, make sure that your front and back yard are clear of any debris or clutter. This may mean taking down that rusty swing set or putting away the slip and slide from last July’s barbecue.


Although your pet may have never harmed anyone in their life, the fact is that any animal with claws or teeth has the potential to do damage, and this can be especially true if strangers are walking in and out of their territory. Make sure that you have an insurance policy in place that protects you if something were to happen between your pet and a potential buyer. Something that not many people know is that many homeowner insurance policies only cover certain breeds of animal. Check the fine print to make sure that you are in the clear. For the safety of you, your pet, and anyone coming in and out of your home, we suggest removing your pet from the home completely or putting them away in a comfortable crate for the time being.


If you are working with a real estate agent, it may be prudent to plan in advance for any showings that may be coming up. This way you can have snacks and drinks ready for a short outing with your children and pets while a showing is going on. This can be less disruptive overall for both your children and your pets. Some children can be shy around strangers, and it may be helpful for them to go on a fun nature walk instead of having to talk to people looking around the house. Planning showings ahead of time with your real estate agent and your family can limit the possibility of needing to reschedule, which can potentially deter interested buyers.

Selling Directly to Harmony Home Buyer

The simplest way to sell your home in Wichita with pets or children is selling to Harmony Home Buyer. We buy homes in as-is condition and typically come up with a cash offer in under 30 days. We take the time to go step-by-step with you on every part of the selling process, and we don’t charge a fee to do it like most real estate agents. Selling with Harmony Home Buyer means no cleaning up around the house for weeks on end, no worrying about the fine print on your homeowners policy, and no need to schedule around house showings. Sellers can expect a simple, easy, and straightforward transaction from Harmony Home Buyers.

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