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Houseflipping - Harmony Home Buyer

Harmony Home Buyer is a home buying and selling company in Wichita, Kansas. We buy distressed properties and make them into wonderful homes for families of all sizes.

Jason is the owner of Harmony home buyer, A home buying and selling company based out of Wichita, KS. Jason has a mission to make Wichita, KS the most vibrant and beautiful city in the midwest, and he plans to do that one house at a time. He is an expert in real estate investing strategies and a true vanguard in the world house flipping. He is known for his attention to detail and his visionary outlook for every project. 

As an extension of Harmony home buyer, Jason developed the Elevate REI Mentoring  student group for young entrepreneurs looking to hone their craft. There, students learn how make and analyze deals, source materials, negotiate with contractors, create business documents, and invest in real estate with knowledge and efficiency.

He lives in Wichita with his wife Heidi, his son Gage, and his daughter Jaden. 

This flip is truly a special one. The footage of this miraculous transformation is frankly outstanding. This house was almost unlivable and a razor blades edge away from getting condemned completely. The drywall was hanging off, and there were bottles and cans and rat droppings everywhere. But in only two months, through our leadership team and our expert contractors, we managed to turn this beast into a beauty.

Our interior designer Brandy Yarnell staged the house and put the final flourishes on it that really make it stand out.  Real estate investing is not easy, but having an expert interior designer like Brandy on our team made this a cinch. Let us know in the comments if you would like to know where we get all of our staging materials.

Are you thinking about jumping into the world of real estate investing? Do you live in the Wichita area? Consider joining our Elevate REI Mentoring team at https://elevatereimentoring.com/

We are always open to new students and have a huge team of of expert investors who are there to answer your burning questions. Not only that, but we specialize in something that most other real estate investing student groups don’t prioritize; MOTIVATION.  

We want to see you succeed and we put in the effort to make it happen. We hold you accountable for your mistakes, help you find solutions, and celebrate your success. Call us at (316) 217-9675 or go to https://elevatereimentoring.com/ and fill out the form on the homepage; you won’t regret it.

Do you have a house in the Wichita area that you’re looking to sell? Did you just inherit a house that you don’t know what to do with? Have you been trying to sell your house and have been let down by realtors trying to get you to sell the traditional way? Harmony Home Buyer specializes in  run-down houses and tricky situations.  

Go to https://www.harmonyhomebuyer.com/ and fill out the form on the homepage. Tyson, our acquisitions expert, will reach out to you that same day and get you a quote. If you want to reach us directly call us at (316) 217-9675.

If you love this video, and are interested in real estate investing, house flipping, home buying and selling, remodeling, before and afters, or cleaning videos,  We post free content on all of our media channels everyday. We are known on TikTok for our before and afters snap videos.

TikTok: @ Jason_lavender

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Elevate REI Mentoring student group Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Elevate-REI-Mentoring-100680862743468

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*Elevate REI Mentoring student group does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, ethnicity, age, religion, gender identity, language, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. Our diversity gives us strength, we want you for you.
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