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How to Determine What Listing Your House in Wichita Will Mean for You

Are you ready to sell your house? Are you considering listing your home on the real estate market? It’s important to know what the road ahead will look like when making the difficult decision of how to sell your property. Read on to learn more about what options are available when it comes to listing your house for sale and what you need to do to make the right decision.

What to Know

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are just as concerned with making a profit in the form of a commission on a sale as they are with getting you the best possible price for your home. A real estate agent may have your best interest in mind but understand that they while they handle much of the complicated paperwork, you are still responsible for most of the fees associated with listing a home. Many homeowners also become attached to their properties which causes them to drastically overestimate the value of their homes. You should prepare yourself by researching similar homes in your area and comparing the amount for which they were recently sold.


Listing your house in Wichita means that the spotlight will be put on it. Unfortunately, this spotlight can hurt you just as much as it can help you. A buyer’s real estate agent is going to order an inspection on your home and use any potential issue, whether it’s small cosmetic damage or minor structural issues, to get a lower price for your property. Furthermore, they are going to demand that these very inconsequential issues are remedied before a sale is made, and this comes at the expense of your time and your wallet. Depending on how old and outdated your house is, listing on a traditional market could mean that you will be spending a lot of money on repairs in the near future.


Showings are an unfortunate reality if you want to sell your home in Wichita by traditional methods. This means that you’ll be cleaning up your house every day for months on end while people are shuffling in and out of your home. Many people we work with are too busy to keep their houses up to showroom expectations and some have physical health issues that make it impossible for them to labor over a vacuum cleaner every day hoping to impress a potential buyer. The endless phone calls and showings can severely disturb your peace and quiet and can become an uncomfortable nuisance over time. You’ll also be fending off questions about your home that you either shouldn’t be expected to know or shouldn’t have to answer in the first place. Showings can be one of the most stressful parts of selling your home through traditional methods, which is why we buy houses as-is.


It is very important to recognize the demands of your buyers and meet buyers where they are going to be looking. In today’s world, the largest arena for buying and selling real estate is going to be online. Having digital marketing skills is a necessity if you are trying to sell your home in Wichita. High quality photos, drone footage, and digital tours are becoming common in the online marketplace. For many who are not that technologically sophisticated, this can be a huge hurdle to overcome. Agents are now including staging expenses in the marketing plan, along with bringing your interior and exterior up to magazine quality presentation. Standing out in search results is also important, which is why we put so much time and effort into proving ourselves as real estate authorities in the digital landscape.

Selling Directly

Going directly to a buyer instead of listing with an agent means selling your house in as-is condition. This takes the stress and pressure of needing to make repairs to your home off you and your wallet. Some companies have no inspection requirement whatsoever, which means you can sell your house as it sits right now. Selling directly in Wichita means no dealing with real estate agents, no dealing with uncomfortable showings, no expensive repairs, and no marketing costs.

Sell directly to Harmony Home Buyer and avoid all the headaches that come with listing your home in Wichita. Harmony Home Buyer will handle everything – explaining every step to you along the way. We buy houses as-is in Wichita and make fair, reliable, and quick cash offers.

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