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How to Sell Your Home in Wichita in 3 Steps

Here we will go over the 3 easy steps of selling your home in Wichita. Most people’s first thought is to reach out to a realtor and go the traditional route. But putting your home on the marketplace is more of a hassle than you might realize. You have to keep your house clean and in a presentable condition, you’ll constantly be communicating with you realtor about appointments and showings, and also, there are going to be fees associated with the process that you didn’t even know about!

Here’s our recommended solution for selling your home in Wichita.

Step 1: Communicate

If you have a looming timeline, and need to sell your house fast, don’t wait. One of the worst things you can do is allow yourself to get behind on bills and mortgages because you’re too afraid to take the first step. Luckily, Harmony Home Buyer is here to help you. We have a team of professionals that work day and night to get our clients a quick cash offer. That means that if you call today, you’re likely to get an offer by tomorrow.

We’re also here to consult you through the process. One of our favorite parts of the home buying process is when we can create a unique solution for you where everybody walks away from the transaction a winner. Our cash offers are fair and quick, and we work on your timeline.

Instead of waiting for the perfect buyer to come along, give us a call (316) 217-9675.

Step 2: Take a Step Back

The process of selling your home can be daunting and difficult. Most people don’t even know where to start, much less how to get the best deal for themselves. That is why Harmony Home Buyer strives for transparency in every step of the process. Most realtors charge fees that they didn’t tell you about before you started working with them. We make a promise to our clients, no hidden fees, EVER.

We also don’t want to see you bend over backwards trying to squeeze very dollar out of your property. We buy houses as they sit and don’t expect our clients to do any cleaning or renovations themselves – if you work with us, you’ll never ever pick up a hammer or a paintbrush. In fact, we prefer homeowners don’t try to do any renovations themselves, Harmony Home Buyer has a trusted group of contractors we work with that deliver A+ renovations and remodels every single time, so we’ve got you covered in that department.

And if you’re feeling embarrassed about the state of your current property, trust us, we’ve seen worse.

Step 3: Relax

Come to the Harmony Home Buyer webpage and fill out a brief form. Once you give us a small amount of information on your property, we will do the research necessary and come back to you within 24 hours with a cash offer. Since selling your house to Harmony Home Buyer means that all the headache of waiting around for inspections and showings will be out of the way, you can be sure of an expedient closing.

We are here to help answer any of your questions -with no obligations- so please reach out to us at (316) 217-9675 or send us a message!

We hope to hear from you soon!

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