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Strategizing Your Wichita Investment Property Sale Amid Tenant Payment Challenges

In the current landscape, navigating the sale of your Wichita investment property can be daunting, especially when tenants aren’t meeting their rent obligations due to the ongoing eviction moratorium. The situation demands a strategic approach to ensure minimal financial strain and a swift resolution. Let’s delve into effective strategies for selling your property when tenants aren’t paying up.

Real Estate Agent Assistance: Engaging a real estate agent seems like the conventional path, but it’s laden with challenges when tenants are protected under the CDC order. Transparency is paramount—be forthright about your tenants’ status and the implications of the order. Additionally, anticipate the costs of marketing, photography, repairs, and commissions, all of which can add up significantly.

FSBO (For Sale By Owner) Approach: Taking the FSBO route offers autonomy and potentially reduces costs associated with agent commissions. However, it requires thorough preparation, particularly in disclosing current tenant arrangements and managing showings. Direct interaction with buyers eliminates potential complications arising from tenants’ responses or the property’s condition during visits. Yet, it’s essential to address the challenge of maintaining pristine show-ready conditions, especially with tenants at home full-time.

Direct Buyers: A Hassle-Free Solution: Opting for direct buyers presents a streamlined and expedited alternative. These buyers often offer quick closings and purchase properties as-is, sparing sellers from the burden of repairs and updates. Selling to a direct buyer means selling with full acknowledgment of the tenants’ situation under the CDC order. While offers may come in below market value, the convenience and risk mitigation they offer can outweigh traditional sales’ legal complexities.

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